We had a lot to say on this episode.

The team’s slide has gotten worse, and are all but eliminated from the playoffs.  We talk about the slide, the poor run of form, who’s play warrants coming back next year, and how it’s just generally depressing.

We answer your questions…thank god there were fun ones in there or else we’d all be on suicide watch.

Listen if you dare.

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  1. Jeremy

    Question for Brad, Mitch and Bird-Do you guys like the chants that the Louligans sing during the game? What are the favorite chants you like to sing during the games?

  2. Brad

    Personally I like the spontaneous ones that arise during a match. Favorites are things like “Dance With Somebody”- just because I don’t think any other group sings a Whitney Houston song. I also liked “You Still Live in Pittsburgh” or “You’ve got healthcare” to Canadian teams. I’m not much of a singer, but anything that the crowd gets into is good with me.


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