Matt Bird is in Arizona being more American than us today.  So Brad and Mitch hold down the fort since there’s a lot to cover.

We’ve got the AGM review (get after it), player news, road trip news, and the usual shenanigans. The audio on the AGM clips is kinda crap…but then again, most people were pretty well into their Schlafly’s at that point.

So get to listening and you’ll feel better.

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  1. Tim Meara

    My name is Tim Meara I am STLFC season ticket holder since the first season for my wife and daughter and myself. We tailgate before every game and enjoy the Louligans marching in before every game you guys are the cue for us to pack it up and head to our seats. I coach a girls U-17 team and had the chance to take them to England to play. We have also had our friends from England come visit us here and they are impressed with the atmosphere at park. My daughter plays at Lindbergh high school and feels that the girls are ripped off because the attendance for the games are poorly attended. What would it take to get the Louligans to show up to high school game? Lindbergh has an excellent drum line I think you guys could show the students how its done ( minus the beer drinking) the numbers would increase for the girls games. I know that I could get the coach to buy into the idea since he just got season tickets this year and loves to sit near you guys. In return I am sure that the student body would attend more STLFC matches. Let me know what it would take to make it happen. Huge fan of what you guys do!!!!
    Tim Meara

    • Brad

      We get many requests like yours. Ideally we’d be able to do it for everyone but we just don’t have the time. We’re all passionate about STLFC so it’s easy to get us out for those games. Once it gets beyond that we really have to just say no to everyone. We encourage you to try to get students out to the games to see what we do and maybe bring aspects of that back to your games. I’m sorry we can’t accommodate your request along with all the colleges & high schools that ask. We take it as a great compliment. Find a small group of passionate fans at your games and bring them out to hang out at Saint Louis FC. There was a time when it was literally 10 of us in the stands, a few fans can be the beginning of something special at any match.

      • Tim Meara


        Thanks… Just thought I would ask looking forward to the season opener !!!

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