I’ve written a lot of dross recently that really wasn’t relevant to the game here in St. Louis, it’s the time to get back on the local soccer train for things seem to be heading in the right direction. I am trying not to be a bit of a spammer here with all the requests, nor is this a rallying call. However we all want this to succeed.

We all know the buzz, the word on the street….. I am not in the loop, the inner sanctum of people in the know. I know what you know. However, even this is enough to get me excited. People are stepping up it seems to take us to the next level. Now it is our turn.

The Lions season is fast approaching. Let’s make it epic. I’ve said it often, it’s not rocket science, it’s not difficult, it’s simple. Beer, friends, football. From the Azteca in Mexico City to the Cauldron of KC, this simple formula is paraded every weekend around the world. St Louis is no different. if you mix these ingredients you’ll bake the same cake in any kitchen.

The game is nothing without the fans. I don’t want to patronize you by saying “We have to step up” Because a lot of people reading this have stepped up for years for the local game. However I was pleased to be informed of the “Gateway Goonies” as another younger group eager for this to succeed. We’ll need fans, we’ll need numbers. Without fans to make the game viable there will be no product. With this in mind, if you haven’t signed up to be kept abreast of what’s happening with the future endeavors of the game here then please sign this mailing list 

So come on, I implore you, buy a season ticket for the St Louis Lions this season. Come out and have a beer with us in the wooden pavilion before the games. It’s $60. If you can afford it, buy two and bring a friend, get them hooked. Support the next generation of fans that will embrace the culture you’ve helped cultivate.


Here is the link for the season tickets. 

Obviously this summer is going to be amazing, with the climax of the European season and leading into the World Cup, there will be potential for a few double headers. I’ve already penciled in June 24th for England v Italy and the Lions game later that day.

While I am asking people to shell out some wonga, a new Tshirt may be in the works for the summer, but you can still dress up in all Louligan finery with the cafepress store here. 

Ok, so enough with asking you to put your hand in your wallet. I just ask you give it a year. Football, beer and friends. It’s a simple formula and you’ll be like me right now, looking out the window wishing the snow will disappear eagerly awaiting spring.


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  1. Scott Trefts

    Hey St. Louligans,
    How do I join your group? I grew up in STL and now live in Georgia. I go back there every year and would love to contribute in anyway possible. Please email me back and let me know

    • Brad DeMunbrun

      Hey Scott. Anyone can be a Louligan. If you’re ever in town when there’s a Lions game I hope you’ll join us. Other than that we’ll be selling a shirt soon. Feel free to order one and wear your STL pride down in Georgia.


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