When I was first on the podcast, I was asked a question via Keith Mayfield asking about the differences of supporter culture over there and over here. The question took me by surprise to be honest, I kind of stammered out some rubbish. I wish I had thought more concisely about a decent answer because it is really glaringly obvious.

Spring is upon us, can you feel it? Daffodils are about to bloom, no more polar vortex. If we were in the UK, we’d have been sat outside in the polar vortex watching games. I spent many a cold December night in such places as Leeds, Doncaster, Wrexham all the time freezing my cajones off.

The opening day in August of the 1996 season. I was at Crewe Alexandra and the temperature was about 80 degrees. I thought to myself back then in shorts and a tshirt, this is how it should be done.

That’s the major glaring difference. The weather and the time of year. Summer football is ace*

The other glaring difference is booze. Because of the hooligans of the 70’s and 80’s. I am unable by law to sit in the stands and have a pint. How unLouligan is that?

So based on the premise of Football and Beer, this summer is going to be awesome. I really enjoyed speaking to FC Bordo GM Sonny at the last recording of the podcast. One thing really struck a chord with me, and I quote him “We can all sit around waiting for a millionaire to come. I decided to get off the sofa and try do it myself”

We have to get behind this. Someone willing to put their money their mouths are. There is nothing more #merica about this can do attitude.

Their first game is May 2nd against Quad City. it’s a Friday, what better way to spend a cool Spring evening? I’ll be there. I’m sold. If you hanker for competitive football in St Louis, now is your time.

With the Lions in Cottleville, Fire and Ice across the river, and the World Cup forever on our radar, not to mention various friendlies in St Louis and surrounding cities. There has never been a better time to be a soccer fan in St Louis, and I believe it will only get better.

A word on the Bosnia v Ivory Coast friendly. Yes, we’re planning on a group buy. There is no rush, but, starting putting the money aside for it, start mentally thinking, I’m gonna need $40 or so to get a ticket. Judging by reports, ticket sales are slow, and sooner rather than later prices will drop and they’ll start calling us begging us to give them money.

Lots of talk about the USMNT kits. I bought the home jersey. It’s awesome.

The first friendly of the year is April 6th at 1pm as the Lions play Truman at St Dominics in O’Fallon. Now with it being a school, you can’t have booze. So after its successful trial in February, the Taco has been promoted to the first team and hopefully will make their competitive debut.

See you there.

* unless you’re in Qatar.

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