#CKB Is In the House!

That’s right, we are lucky enough to have #MLS4TheLou’s Carolyn Kindle Betz joining us tonight.

We talk STLFC’s Open Cup run, the hard fought game against NCFC, and the upcoming games in Swope and Atlanta. Yes, we, because #CKB is all in and has kudos to give. And recommendation on car rental places for road trips.

Carolyn also has a great open discussion on the progress of the bid for a MLS team, the stadium progress, and what this means for the city. There are some things she can’t talk about due to MLS restrictions, but she’s very open and honest with the discussion.

We’ve been fortunate with Tom, Jim, Pat, and Jeremy, how upfront they’ve been with the fans. And there’s little reason to think that won’t continue as our club takes the next steps.

And it was a club soda and Tito’s in her hand, for those wondering if she really “joined” the podcast. šŸ˜€

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