Louligan Protective Face Mask (Green) (Larger)

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Louligan Protective Face Mask (Green) (Larger)


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COVID-19 has affected all of us, and it will be some time before things return to normal.

St. Louis City and County now require masks be worn in public. Show that you're not some boomer that just bought the cheapest ones to comply, that you're gonna look fresh while showing concern for your fellow citizen.  Louliganize your personal protective equipment and show that bagger at Dierbergs who we are.


Machine washable, polyester shell, cotton interior, made in the USA.  11" W x 6" H x .25" Thick. One size.  NOTE: THESE ARE LARGER THAN THE PREVIOUS LOULIGAN MASKS. So no more having the hooks pull on your ears and making you look like Prince Charles. When you say "excuse me" to the person in the aisle of the store who isn't paying attention, your mask won't move off your nose anymore.  (The skull and crossbones will be white, not gray, on the green background. )

As we always think about our local community, all proceeds from the sale of these masks will go to STL COVID-19 Regional Response Fund.

Shipping is included in the price; we're not going to discount on multiples since this all goes to charity.


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