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TIFO donation


TIFO Donations

Beer, Bolt of Fabric, Gallon Of Paint, Paint Brush, Roller Brush


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Look at him. Look at Cody.
Imagine Sarah MacLachlan’s “Angel” playing as you read this.
For just a few pennies a day, you can sponsor the TIFO team’s efforts and make sure Cody and other Louligans like him don’t go without painting supplies this season.
Every dollar helps.
$5 can buy a paint brush.
$10 can buy a roller brush.
For $25, a can of paint can be purchased.
With $50, we can purchase beer to keep Cody and Louligans like him hydrated and tampering down the rage.
And for those truly moved to make a difference in Cody’s day, $100 pays for a bolt of fabric.

Right now, there’s a Louligan painter that needs you. And your donation says, “I’m here to help.”