The Cartels

The many make one.

Different groups of Louligans make every day gameday.  Got ideas or want to help out?  Here’s how to reach out. WE ALWAYS NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS.


Buy Alprazolam From China If you have chant ideas or want to get involved, the setlist is open.  If you like to yell on a megaphone and act a fool, there is no better job in the Cartel.  Thinking of something to sing that’s not complicated?  Want that high of leading hundreds in silly chants?  Reach out to Liz and the capos at: Email:

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Drum Corps If you can hold a beat and want to join the drummers, let them know at the email below!  If you can’t, or aren’t ready to share your inner metronome but want to help out, they still can use help with carrying the stands back and forth and other gameday tasks. And if you have a chant idea, and you think Zack and Sam are friendlier than Liz (they’re actually not), you can send it their way as well.  The two teams work together to bring the noise. Email:

Louligan Ladies

We’re all louligans, but the ladies know it can get too testosterone-filled sometimes.  So they get together and have special events that are ladies only.  Yes, it’s usually food and drink related as well. In addition to articles on the website here under the Louligan Ladies header and events on the Louligan calendar, you can find them at: Twitter: @Louligan Ladies Instagram: @louliganladies Email:

Tailgate The center of the pregame experience.  The amazing food always lays down a great base for enjoying a few beverages inside.  They party harder than the opposition team plays.  Want to pull some pork? Slather some sauce? Let them know. Buy Cheap Alprazolam Online Twitter: @sillytailgate Online Xanax Bars Email:

Tifo Tifos are the giant banners we raise for important games.  They look like hard work, but most of the hard work is done by the head guys.  The painting is where the fun comes in and help is always needed.  Anyone can paint within the lines, no talent needed.  And they can fix mistakes.  So help out on paint days; it isn’t very long and turns into a party every time.  There’s always the bribing with beer. Buy Xanax Nyc email:

For anything else that isn’t mentioned here, or other questions…reach out to