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USL July Goal of the Month


TAMPA, FL. – USL offices released the results of the recent July goal of the month in which Sean Okoli won the prestigious accolade for his penalty against Rochester Rhinos early in July.

Amazingly, all 18,432 votes for the penalty strike came from the greater Cincinnati area for the online public ballot.

“This extends our goal of the week and month winning streak to 4 months now” boasted John Harkes who was at a loss to understand why FC Cincinnati goals constantly get voted for in online polls open to public.

In second place was Mike da Fonte of Sacramento Republic who garnered 10,589 votes for his winning goal for Republic against Sounders 2.

“We used to win the goal of the month competitions all the time,” lamented Sacramento coach Paul Buckle. “Ever since Cincinnati joined the league our goals don’t get the love we used to enjoy. We can’t get recognition for world class strikes anymore, when for previous 2 years we’d win the vote with tap ins from a few yards away.”

Third place with 8,035 votes was Aodhan Quinn for Louisville City in their 4-1 victory over Wilmington Hammerheads. “We typically win the goal of the month when Aodhan scores a rasping freekick.” Said Coach O’Connor. “Although only when Cincy and Sacramento are held goalless. “

Saint Louis FC’s own Irvin Herrera was an outsider for the goal of the month garnering 5,024 votes for his exquisite chip over the keeper from outside the box against Colorado Springs towards end of July. Despite valiant efforts to vote for the actual best goal in July, Saint Louis FC fan Chris Wirtel commented that “what’s the point of having a public vote which is so skewed?” Whilst Chris Amdur added, “With STLFC having a tough time finding net as it is, it would be nice to be recognized when we do score a cracker.” 

The St. Louligan podcast hosts discussed the matter off air with Bradley DeMunbrun calling it “A glorified fucking popularity contest” and Mitch Morice stating that  “I stopped looking at goal of the month contests as we can hardly score any goals.”

We would like to congratulate FC Cincinnati in advance for winning the August USL goal of the month competition for their deflected 5 yard goal that bounced in off the opponent goalkeepers ass.



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Sorry we have an amazing fan base who is willing to fully support our team and show our pride! Is that not what being a fan is about?!

we’d do the same given your position. Just trying to have some fun.

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