Support Saint Louis FC vs the USL Teams

With no season going on at this time due to COVID-19, we’re starved for sports. 

And the USL has filled the void (kinda not really) with an eSports tournament: representatives from teams will play in a Rocket League tournament.  Saint Louis FC will be represented by the Louligans’ own Keith Mayfield.  

So we’re going to help the team raise money for the Saint Louis Area Foodbank.  Times are hard for many right now, and if you can, toss some money our way.  All that donate will be entered into a Schlaffle Nancy put together…

So watch Keith continue what the team started this year, and get some wins.  All information is found at

As always, we’re grateful for your donations.  We have the most generous members in the league.

While we’re at it, enjoy the “gameday magazine” we put together. As usual, it’s SiLLy.

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We had a lot of fun watching Keith kick ass. Thanks for the opportunity.

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