The Darkest Week. But We Persevere.

With the announced demise of Saint Louis FC this week, it’s the worst scenario. We knew it was coming, we knew it was inevitable, but it’s still the worst feeling in the world to see your team go away.

Jim Kavanaugh, CEO of Saint Louis FC, calls in to the pod to explain what led to this week’s announcement and the machinations behind the decision. Jim has always been upfront and honest with us, and tonight is no different. There’s obviously things he can’t say, but we get a lot of the answers we’ve been looking for this week.

While this is extremely depressing, we do decide to go out on this episode on an upswing. We take your favorite STLFC moments and read it on air. So enjoy the trip down memory lane, and cherish these last few games.

Because, in the words of Sean Reynolds, we’re not fucking done.

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It is a true disappointment that St. Louis will be without a pro team for a couple of years. COVID-19 has struck again. I cannot say I am surprised though. How can ownership maintain a team with the loss of all that revenue, especially with no relief in sight?

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