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Gameday CDJ! The Last Regular Season Home Game. Saint Louis FC v Indy Eleven. 10-3-20

Normally, gameday CDJ collections are in-person only, but this is 2020 and nothing is real.

But we’re fighting back. This weird alternate reality won’t get a leg up on gamedays; that’s our day.

So, on gamedays ONLY, we’ll have the CDJ bucket be “online” as well for the faithful who have opted to stay home during the COVID pandemic. We’ll open it from 10am-10pm on gamedays to get our favorite charities some funds during this trying time.

This is it. The last regular season game. Everything is on the line. Win and we go to the playoffs. Lose or draw, and the story of Saint Louis FC ends. So we’re going big. Multiple schlaffles, multiple winners. Winner one picks their pack, then the second winner, etc.

Our prize packs are:

1. A full set of Louligan scarves, all 10. Some are extremely rare.

2. A handpainted Saint Louis FC sign by Erin Morice (one of two in existence, the other hangs in Louligan Studios), a handmade throw in STLFC colors, and a Schlafly coffee mug.

3. A set of “Louligan Sized” Louligan Jerseys. (not marked with sizes but definitely larger)

4. A This Is SiLLy! package: Lutz Pfannenstiel’s signed autobiography, a This Is SiLLy! scarf (also very rare), and your very own Brad DeMunbrun signature series Garcia Properties Satchel!

The CDJ recipient this week is Saint Louis Crisis Nursery.

The Saint Louis Crisis Nursery is committed to the prevention of child abuse and neglect and provides emergency intervention, respite care and support to families in crisis through:

Short-term care for young children in a safe and nurturing environment

Proactively helping families resolve crisis

Empowering families by providing valuable resources, ongoing support and in-depth parent education

Grassroots community outreach and public awareness of child abuse and neglect prevention

Advocacy for the overall welfare of children and families

More information can be found at

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