Show Up Make Noise – Ep. 2 Let’s Talk About The Fan Council

Just in time for your Memorial Day Road Trip!

This week Rick, Sam, and Zack are talking about what happened at the Fan/Supporter’s Council meeting in which the the Show Up Make Noise guys were invited to participate. We talk what we know of the stadium, the march, gameday experience, and TIFOs. We’d love to hear back about what you thought about our ideas and what YOU think STL City SC should consider for fan/supporter experiences in 2023.

Have you seen something awesome another team or organization does that you think we should use as inspiration?

How do you feel about the march path?

How do you feel about the proposed drum positions?

Do you want to see a specific local partnership or brewer included in the stadium?

We want to hear from you. Find us at @showupmakenoise on Instagram and Twitter!

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