We Get Lutz to Join Us! (And Matt Sebek)


Sorry, Matt, you’re just not as impressive.
Lutz Pfannenstiel gets to do a long-form discussion with us regarding his role with City, the Academy hirings and growth, and his plans for what philosophy CITY will play with.
It’s great to hear him be able to talk soccer and not quick soundbites on traditional media; with his ginormous CV, his experiences are worth hearing.
Oh, and we talk to Matt too about the stadium and fan experience. But mostly listen to Lutz!
After the break, Mitch, Brad, and Sarah (Bird is unavailable with the Birdlings) debrief after the conversation with the CITY folk, and talk about the upcoming Meet the Louligans even on Saturday, July 31st at Schlafly Tap Room. Matt, Lutz, and more of the CITY staff will be there to talk soccer, meet the supporters, and join us in talking what CITY needs from all supporters, not just the Louligans.
Listen before saturday!

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