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Show Up Make Noise – Ep 15 We Talk About A Lot Poorly

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Back from a 2 month unscheduled break, we have a lot to talk about but instead we put the City2 game on in the background and have a half hearted conversation instead. We talk all of the news and updates that are happening with the “Soon-To-Be-Revealed” rhythm section for St. Louis CITY SC. There is always a lot to cover, and, as usual, we cover it poorly. Come have a laugh with us as we keep you up-to-date on the stuff we remember to talk about.   As always, we want to encourage fans to join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram @showupmakenoise. Let us know what you like or what you don’t.   To find out more about Show Up Make Noise, the St. Louligans, The Thieves, No Nap City Ultras, or the Louligan Ladies, or just how to get involved, head to today!


If you are interested in getting involved in making noise for CITY, we just released a sign-up sheet online to help us organize and start building a plan for 2023! We’d love to have you join us. Fill out the form at


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