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TiS is Live at Schlafly – WITH GUEST STEVE EWING!!!


So much to say here!
First, the last week of each month, we’ll be doing a live appearance at Schlafly to have a show with a guest. Come out, have a few adult sportsdrinks, and listen to the show live and in person. May even start having prizes and such.

Not to mention, you’ll get to hear the guest first…like this past show is STEVE EWING FROM THE MOTHERF**KING URGE. (And Steve’s Hot Dogs)
We talk, of course, Steve’s music…but, the relevant item, we’re doing a special event at Steve’s Hot Dogs on 2/9…where we get to vote on what the Louligan Brat will be at the Steve’s in CITYPark!!!!

Since you weren’t one of the lucky few who got to hear it live, listen now and get all the details, all the stories, and go inside and get my pickle.

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