Gameday #22: Las Vegas Lights at Saint Louis FC

Start time: 7:30 PM CT
Toyota Stadium at World Wide Technology Soccer Park
Gates open at 5:30pm CT for tailgate
March into Stadium at 7:00 pm

(636) 680-0997

Opponent’s Record: 7-9-5, 2-7-2 on the road
13th Place
Last Results: Win, 1-0 Win vs Rio Grande Valley FC

Matt Bird isn’t saying it’s back on, but has insight on saturday’s match :

Another game? At home? But we just had one……
Alright, Gimmick FC is coming to town. They are leaving the circus animals at home; well, all except Freddy, but I wish they’d leave Sammy Ochoa at home. Whilst some will argue he’s not fulfilled his potential in USL, he has scored at multiple teams he’s been on and is dangerous on his day.
Vegas are right below us in the league, so frankly this is a paramount 3 points for us to gain and extend our gap over these guys.
Since we last played them, they’ve won 2 and lost 3 so their form is a bit hit and miss. We’re on a roll, let’s keep it that way.

Latest This is SiLLy! Podcast:


Saint Louis FC sits in 11th, at 7-6-8

How to watch: ESPN+

Charity Du Jour:

This week’s CDJ is for UMSL Succeed Program.

One of our members, April Regester, is involved in this program and this is her CDJ.  “SUCCEED is a post-secondary program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities ages 18 through 25 years. Program participants can earn a Chancellor’s Certificate by completing the two-year residential program.” They’re giving the developmentally disabled community an opportunity to be “regular” college students, and go on to contribute to society to the best of their capabilities.  Here’s a great article about the program.

Louligan Cartels:

Drums and capos: We march in 1/2 hour before kickoff. Anyone can join the march in! Drummers usually need assistance carrying in the drum stands, so if you can help out, see them as they organize prior to the march.

Tailgate:The Regester family and friends are taking over the tailgate to raise money for UMSL Succeed…and this is a new one.  We’re doing Breakfast for Dinner!  Pancakes, bacon, sausage and eggs.  Get your grub on and support a good cause.  Pancakes will soak up the alcohol, or so I’ve heard.  The ever popular free beer will be from Kirkwood Station; the collectable cups will be $5.

Newligans: If you’re new and this is your first game day, say hi! There will be several of our Newligan Cartel walking around, wearing badges showing their name on it.  Feel free to grab one of them and introduce yourself; they’re wearing that badge as a way to indicate they’re there to help you join the crowd.  There will be a Newligans table by the trailer in case you don’t see a badged member.
You also can exchange your ticket at their table for a wristband for the march in, so we can proceed through the gate more efficiently.

Merchandise: We will have the 2018 Louligan scarves and the 2018 This Is Silly! Podcast scarves.  $20 per scarf, cash or credit.  There aren’t many left of the podcast scarves, so get them while you can!

The red line will be the march to the game.  The march starts 30 minutes before kickoff (7:00pm).

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