Playoff Push Comes With MLS News!

Sorry for the embargo on the release…but we were bound by the law of International Waters…Or threats by Jim and Tom.  Jim Kavanaugh, CEO of WorldWide Technology and CEO of Saint Louis FC, calls in to the show to talk about the news today (well, for you listening) regarding #MLS4TheLou!!!

Jim and the Taylor family (of Enterprise) are combining their STL superpowers and have announced intentions to bring a MLS team to St. Louis!  What’s different this time from last?  Jim answers that and several other questions.  We’re grateful that his first stop was to talk to us and the Louligans about these efforts.  Jim spends more time than intended, but closes with the important point about the here and now:

THE PLAYOFF PUSH.  Saint Louis FC has two games to take care of business.  The two games this week are critical, and we need to pack the park.  We move on from saturday’s game in Phoenix, and talk about what we need to do.

Stuart Hultgren and Mark Gardner join us to discuss the playoffs and MLS…and Stuart’s exciting raffle item for the last game.  A hint: It doesn’t come with a bottle from Reno.

So much to talk about.  Why are you still reading this?  Go listen!

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