Live From Schlafly: Women’s Soccer Is the Topic!

At this point in the soccer landscape, there isn’t a reason to dedicate a special episode to the women. The USWNT is significantly more successful than the men’s team. The Fire and Ice are by far and away the most successful soccer team in St. Louis over the Louligan’s history.

But there’s a lot of people that don’t know this. So we have this special episode dedicated just to women’s soccer. First up, our guest Lori Khazen. You may not know her name, but you should. She holds most of the records at Wash U. She’s the assistant coach for Webster’s women’s team. And she’s the technical guide for the play at the Rep Theater, The Wolves, about a women’s soccer team. She tells us all about the play, getting actors to be soccer players, and her career. She’s a hidden legend in this community.

Lori is joined by friend of the podcast, Lindsay Kennedy-Eversmeyer. We know her as owner and coach of Fire and Ice SC; but Lindsay is here to discuss the newest venture, Fire and Ice Academy. More places for girls to aspire to is a good thing for St. Louis soccer.

This is a long one at 1.5 hours. But it’s by far and away the most important, because it gives these women the respect earned and deserved.

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