Friday Night Lights

My, isn’t the Itap in Central West End very nice, almost too nice for the likes of me, wearing my USA home golf shirt among the business suits.

It’s Friday, 6pm and I feel kind of out of place, until I see Chris Byron walk in with an MLS in STL shirt on. Slowly the Louligans troop in and we proceed to get refreshed in true Louligan manner.¬†Firstly, before I even get onto the games, Itap, I salute you for having us, having faith in us and not batting an eyelid when the likes of Rocko and Madden troop in. The beer selection is wonderful and there is something quite civilized and relaxed about meeting downtown for a beer an hour before a game.


There were a lot of trepidation and misgivings about Bordo. A lot were laid to rest when Sonny met us on the podcast. It’s not a Bosnian team, it’s St Louis team, and tonight proved just that.

It’s easy to wax lyrical after a game, I’ve had fun with my friends in a nice little stadium in glorious 75 degree weather on a late Spring evening in Missouri. What’s not to love about this picture, We’ve spent hours in a bar beforehand, made a few new friends who I think will come back to Bordo at least and we were loud, we had fun, we behaved yet we supported.


The team, Bordo, appreciated us. Applauded us as we applauded them at the end. It didn’t hurt that they just put the beat down on a poor Joplin Demize team. However fair is fair, Bordo looked good for 60 minutes against Quad Cities who are defending NPSL champions so this really should come as no great surprise.

Next Friday night home game is 20th June, Come along to Slu High School. meet us for a beer of your fancy at Itap beforehand. It’s a good time, I can think of no better way to unwind after a hard long week than friends, beer and some football. The added bonus is it is winning football. The lads in burgundy look good.

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