New Website for a New Era

We don’t update this very often.  Most of our time is on Facebook, as it’s immediate and reaches our members quicker and directly.  Assuming they haven’t blocked us yet.

But we’ve turned a corner this year, and it was time to bring some history into the website, making it more informative.  It may not be the flashiest site, but you’ll know who we are.  We continue to support the St. Louis Lions and the Illinois Piasa, but have added the Fire and Ice SC.  We’ve added a lot of new people over the past year, and a lot of you don’t don’t know a lot of the Louligan history.


We’ll be putting up a history page soon, and have been uploading a lot of the media.  The entire podcast library is up; reminding you again it’s probably NSFW (Not Safe For Work), Not Safe For Children, and Not Safe For the Sensitive.  We’re uploading a lot of pictures from events; it’ll take a while to get them all.  Most are from Mitch’s camera, so if you have pictures to share, please let us know and we’ll get them up as well so we show all the perspectives.  We’ll be uploading videos as well as we go along; most of them are embarrassing.

This is also another great opportunity to remind you that anyone can be a Louligan: just show up to support the local teams.  Watching the MLS and elite leagues on TV isn’t enough.  Hoping for a gift of an MLS team does nothing.  Getting out, watching the teams play, showing the world we’re a viable soccer market outside of international friendlies is critical to soccer in St. Louis.  Take your kids to the game, even if Glavin or Fire and Ice are clubs that are your kids’ club rivals.  Show them there’s a path of growth.  And have some fun with us while you’re at it.

We’ll see you at the next game.

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