Why We Support, part 2

Due to overwhelming response to the request for a snippet of your favorite moment, game, event, player from the past 18 months, Here is the second installment. Thank you to everyone for responding.


For me, the most amazing soccer-related experience I’ve had in the past 18 months would have to involve the USMNT World Cup qualifier in November. My family had no intention of attending, as the cost of buying four tickets would have put us in a situation of choosing a soccer match over Christmas presents. However, we still wanted to do our part to support our fellow AO members and, at least indirectly, the team. So, we decided to show up and pitch in for one of the tifo-painting days. It was not long afterwards that I got a message that a group of AO members had gotten together and bought tickets for us to attend, telling us that it wouldn’t be the same without us there. Then, to make the whole situation even more special, my 15 year old niece Julia was asked to help capo for the thousands of Outlaws at the match. To this day, I am humbled by and indescribably grateful for the love and generosity that was shown to us by our St. Louis soccer family. ~ Mike McCue

Mike and Virginia, USA v St Vincent November 2015

The most I’ve ever felt truly part of a team that I support was the recent Swope Park Rangers game in Kansas City. We had massive away support, especially considering this was not a bus trip. The team got off to a poor start (again) and went down 1-0 before a very long rain delay. As the game was getting ready to restart, Spencer Hippler and I moved to the area the teams walk out from. You could see as they came our way that they were feeling down, but when they saw us there they seemed surprised that we had stayed. It seemed to make a real difference to them. Our group stationed ourselves right behind the bench and made more noise than I’ve ever heard from 20-25 people for the rest of the night in horrible conditions. We lost the game, but were able to leave with our heads held high. It’s easy to love your team when they win, but we truly had our team’s back in miserable conditions. ~ Claude Karraker

STLFC v Swope 7/2/16
STLFC v Swope 7/2/16

I’ve always considered myself a Louligan at heart.  Whether it was listening on the radio, watching on YouTube, or following on Twitter.  This year afforded me an opportunity to purchase season tickets.  I’ve never regretted my decision.  Since the AGM, I feel like I’ve joined a fraternity or even a second family.  Good, bad, or ugly I’ll stand by and support this team.  I’m not concerned with the MLS to St. Louis hype.  My team is already here!
“I know I am, I’m sure I am, St. Louis till I die!” ~ Andrew Vernon 

I think my favorite thing thus far is the pre-season trainings. Don’t get me wrong the matches are tops, but the training sort of wake you up from the off-season. It’s your first chance to see the new players get their boots on and get out there with the rest of the team; an opportunity to see quality trialists working to get a spot; the ability to actually hear the players communicate with one another during plays. It’s one of my favorite times to get photos, see the team come together, and get excited for the season. ~ Sarah Robertson


Pic via Sarah Robertson

Last year, the second Louisville trip, we had made no qualms about our disdain for their team and the Coopers. From their pitch to the sheer arrogance of their supporters group. As the game progressed, I turned around and saw our GM pacing nervously across the back of our section, especially after the Renken equalizer. We’re spent and exhausted still singing to our boys in the middle of the scrum at the end we see our GM just celebrating with us. It was something that really made me see how much the Louligans mean to the team. ~ Shaun O’Hara

Louisville away 2015
Louisville away 2015

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