CDJ Gameday! ELITE EDITION 8-29-20 STLFC vs Louisville City FC

Yes, you know the drill by now. No tailgate, no regular CDJ, opened it online, blah blah blah.

But now, it’s gone full 2020. No fans in the stadium. As Q-Bert says, @!#?@!.

As usual, you throw a roadblock in the way, we’re going over it. So here’s the plan. We’re still going to have an online CDJ here. But since it’s the King’s Cup, we’re taking it up a notch. Pizzagate style indeed. And This is SiLLy is going to broadcast live from the game. Watch on Facebook the livestream, and it’ll be just like standing in the corner with us.

But as Sean Reynolds once said, we’re not f**king done.

Zack Ziaja, drum corps powerhouse, is joining us on the pod. What makes Zack special enough to be a guest? He doesn’t need a megaphone to be heard. And your donations to this CDJ give you a special power: the ability to make suggestions to Zack on things to yell during the game.

Of course, there’s limitations. No cursing, nothing truly offensive, nothing that would get us in serious trouble. If we think it’s too far, we have the right to reject. So when you make a donation, drop your line in the comments box. And we’re not gonna make this a clown show. Be clever; less is more. If he’s constantly yelling stupid things, they’ll tell us to stop. Yelling “your mom didn’t want you” is stupid. Finding a weird trivia fact and sculpting banter around that? *chef’s kiss*

The schlaffle? A signed team jersey and these adorable bears in garbage kits.

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Zach can say whatever the heck he wants. He’s hands down the best.

If I had something to say, it’d be to our boys:

it’s better to burn out

…..than fade away.

Let’s depose this pretend throne ascenders and take hold of Our Cup: the once and forever future King’s cup!

(If we take this, it’s ours forever, is it not?!)


I think we all need to hear that

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