CDJ Gameday! 8-29-20 Saint Louis FC vs Louisville City FC

Normally, gameday CDJ collections are in-person only, but this is 2020 and nothing is real.

But we’re fighting back. This weird alternate reality won’t get a leg up on gamedays; that’s our day.

So, on gamedays ONLY, we’ll have the CDJ bucket be “online” as well for the faithful who have opted to stay home during the COVID pandemic. We’ll open it from 10am-10pm on gamedays to get our favorite charities some funds during this trying time.

Keeping with the tradition of the Pizzagate incident that started all this, the CDJ for today is St. Louis Area Foodbank.

The schlaffle? A signed team jersey and these adorable bears in garbage kits.

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I’m so sad that St Louis FC will not have another season. Until MLS Team starts their 1st season in 2023 all of St Louis MO will not have a presence for 2 yrs.
I had hoped the team would hang on one more season despite covid19.
I am a long distance fan. Let’s watch soccer in the US asap!!!

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