Show Up Make Noise – Ep 7 Fan Experience Council #3 and Meet The St. Louligan Roundup


The guys are back again this week with a round-up of the most recent fan council where we talk a little about what an St Louis CITY app might look like and how that could be integrated into our supporter game day experience, as well as rounding up our Meet the St. Louligan event as Schlafly Tap Room in Downtown St. Louis right next to the new CITY stadium. We met a ton of great people who are excited to get involved and we can’t wait to to meet even more of you as we start building the wall of sound we want our supporters section to be. 

We are not a news podcast. We are 3 members of the St. Louligan drum corps who literally didn’t know what to do with their hands in the 3 years of downtime between St Louis FC and STL CIty SC so we started a podcast to talk about what we want our section to look like. Come hang out with us for an hour and talk soccer with your friends. Join the conversation of Instagram and Twitter @showupmakenoise

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