Beta Testing Centene Stadium


The last CITY2 game of the season was recently announced to be held at the beautiful new Centene Stadium. Not only were we excited for the location, but we can also use this to announce that a partnership continues between the Louligans and a great brewery…

We can officially say that the Louligan tailgate will be at Schlafly Tap Room. But not REALLY at the Tap Room. More like the parking lot behind Schlafly, and 21st Street!

March Map

The most important thing to remember is the game on the 18th is a test run not just for the stadium but for us and Schlafly. Some of these things mentioned below will be expanded for the regular season. But that’s a November discussion.
Schlafly is closing down 21st Street between Locust and Olive (half-jokingly renamed by them as Louligan Street.)

The Schlafly lot (90-100 spots) will be open for parking. It will be $25 to park there; however, that $25 is returned to you as a Schlafly gift card! This lot will have a guard, so early entry is not available. There are a bunch of street spots around as well; I imagine those will go fast and I wouldn’t count on them being available.. There may be other lots available around, but obviously we don’t know what those owners are doing. We highly recommend carpool/Uber/public transportation for your own convenience and costs. It is absolutely worth mentioning to not park in posted lots that say no parking, resident parking only, etc. Park at your own risk. Your mistakes/tickets are not a Louligan responsibility.

The great thing is, you’ll be able to use that parking gift card immediately. It is worth mentioning, and it’s incredibly important to know: If you purchase cans/bottles/growlers inside Schlafly, you CAN NOT GO DRINK IT OUTSIDE. This is a STL City law (which we’ve seen with 2nd Shift) that can have their liquor license revoked. Do not be that person. Schlafly reserves the rights to remove you from the property if you do this, it’s that serious. If you buy it the week before, fine. But taking package liquor out the door and drinking it is a major fucking no go.

The tailgate starts at 2pm.  Schlafly will have a tent set up selling beer, pretzels, and brats. As always, tip generously.

The garden doors on the east side of the building will be open for bathroom use. The doors are off 21st street and will be easy access for the tailgaters.

As this is a sunday the Tap Room closes at 9pm. They may be open after the game but don’t count on it.

We will have the trailer with us, so come by, play a few games on the arcade, enjoy the music, drink some Schlafly brews, and have ourselves a good time.

Keep an eye on our socials for any changes that may occur to planning:


This is the next chapter. For some of you, this is the first game with the Louligans. Some of you were here for Saint Louis FC, Fire and Ice, St. Louis Lions…heck, there’s still some of us from AC St. Louis 12 years ago. No matter if you’ve been around 12 years or 12 minutes…welcome to the party. The 18th is a day to see old friends, make new ones, and cheer on City2 in the new digs. So have a drink, be cool, and enjoy. In a few months we do this on the big stage.

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