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Winter Classic – A New Hope


If you’re active in St. Louis soccer, you know the story of the 1950 USMNT. Five St. Louisans were on that team. They played at Berra Park, on The Hill, and it’s well documented.

Many also know there was a movie made about this team; instead of shooting the scenes at Berra Park, they were shot at Marquette Park.

Now, this park is likely familiar to the Louligans.

The Thieves have had two clean up days at Marquette Park.

The group that had the futsal court set up there has reached out to the Louligans about continuing this project in other parks in the area, with Marquette as the template.

And now, we’re moving the Winter Classic to Marquette Park this year. With our history of community work there over the past two years, it’s a perfect place to continue the tradition.

Saturday, January 7th, 2023, 11 am kickoff.

No, it’s not on the futsal court. No, it will NEVER be indoors. Full field. No matter the weather. Because this event is always about us suffering. It’s a small price to pay compared to what the St. Louis Area Foodbank deals with. There are people out there trying to figure out how to make due with limited funds, and may go hungry. Not only the physical concerns, but the mental stress and pain of providing when you can’t. Food or heat? Food or gas for the car? Choices that we don’t have to make on that saturday morning.

There will be one other change this year:
As we’re playing in a park, collection of food is very difficult. In the past, we were able to get barrels from Food Bank, and have them kept inside safely until picked up. Also, Food Bank, in all their skills, can turn $1 into FOUR meals. So we’re going full American currency.


If you intend to play, you MUST MAKE A DONATION OF AT LEAST $5. NO EXCEPTIONS.

For those that aren’t familiar with the rules:

1. This is fun. Don’t run over people, slide tackle, be ultra competitive, etc. You’ll be tossed. And shamed.
2. 45 minute halves. Stoppage time at management’s discretion. 11 a side.
3. Louligans wear BLUE NOW. American Outlaws wear RED. Not pink, not black, not white, not green. Blue and Red.
4. Pat Houlihan will be red carded. It’s tradition.
5. Kids are going to play. Don’t be a dick. Kid math may come into play: 2 kids may equal one adult.
6. You won’t play the whole game. Everyone’s there to have fun: sub out every so often. The crowd will shame you if you’re time hogging. Substitutions are hockey rules. Can sub on the fly. You can get busted for too many men on the field if you cheat that. Punishment is having to tell Ewan Bird why he can’t play goal, and try to reason with him. It’s much harder than you think, trust me.
7. If, at the end of the game, the score is either significantly lopsided, or other determining factors, MULTIBALL is in play. Yep, that is what it sounds like. There may be a new variable this year.
8. Drinking while playing is permissible and encouraged.
9. Pulling your shirt off to reveal the other side’s shirt underneath, and making a bad-guy turn to help the other team is no longer allowed.
10. Have fun. Donate a lot. Start the season off right…with a big donation and a lot of fun. We’re gonna do #BigThings this year.

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