Live From Schlafly At the New STLFC Ale Release!

That’s right, the new beer is being released and we are onsite to celebrate the release!

Unfortunately mother nature tried to spoil the night, so we moved in from the patio to the Crown Room to continues sampling the tasty ale and talk to our friends.

We are joined by defender Phanuel Kavita first, talking about hanging out with the Louligans at the event and how St. Louis is treating him.  We also talk to Wil Rogers, the Brand Manager at Schlalfly on how they came to have this lovely brew and collaborate with STLFC.

Our show is then hijacked by the Shoot Bhoys while we were reloading our drinks…

We ran them off, and finished with Elliot Black and Nick Dawes from the team, discussing the partnerships they have and how it helps grow the image of STLFC in the community.

Oh, and we talk soccer too.

Pour a STLFC Ale and listen!

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