Start time: 10:00 PM CT

Watch party at Kirkwood Station Brewing

105 E Jefferson Ave, Kirkwood, MO 63122

Opponent’s Record: 4-6-5

Home Record: 3-2-3

13th place

Last Results: Draw, 2-2 at Tulsa Roughnecks

From the comfort of air conditioning, here’s Matt Bird’s take on the game:

107 degrees.

I can’t run in ideal conditions, let alone the prospect of doing a Badwater ultramarathon.
Vegas are a bizarre outfit. Gimmicks and llamas. Yet they’ve had some good results too, especially at home, so who knows. They lie below us in the standings, so you’ve got to imagine we’ve a good shot at getting all three, but still running around in 107° is bollocks.
Sammy Ochoa is a decent player up top for them, largely scorned for his hefty weight. He’s always scored in this league though, and we know him well from his seasons in Tulsa.
Frankly, we need 3 points, so let’s go get them.
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How to watch: KPLR (channel 11), ESPN+

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