The Town Hall Was Saved by Zack!

We had audio issues (when do we not when we do a live group event?!?!?!?)

But luckily Louligan Director/Videographer/Hero Zack Ziaja had SEVERAL cameras running and was able to piece together a FANTASTIC audio track for us. So Zack gets all the producer credits for this episode!!!!! Your royalty check is incoming. Hate to tell you it’s zero.

So our front office (Jim Kavanaugh, Tom Strunk, Pat Barry, Jeremy Alumbaugh, and Ant Pulis) continue the season kickoff schedule with the Town Hall. They have their statements they make, and answer the questions from those in attendance and those submitted by those who couldn’t be there. As always, they answer as honestly and truthfully as possible, and really give insight into the offseason moves and plans.

We are EXTREMELY lucky for this accessibility. Many other SG’s are jealous of the access we have and these types of events just strengthen our bond with this club, and what the future holds.

Again, so many thanks to Zack for saving my ass. Give him many uncomfortable hugs.

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