Meet Our Rivals

Now, we’ve had a lot of back and forth with the Louisville Coopers, however we have 2 other local rivals that we’re excited to drive to see our STLFC play against.

The Grid

 The Oklahoma City Energy Front Office The Grid

It’s time to meet our fellow supporters group “The Grid” now, I don’t know what you have heard in various other USLPRO facebook groups and twitter, but The Grid definitely and positively wasn’t ever started by the front office of Oklahoma City Energy FC. They are independent. Don’t let the detractors tell you otherwise.

So  The Oklahoma City Energy Front Office The Grid are the supporters group that pride themselves on “rowdiest and loudest” of the OKC fans.  The Oklahoma City Energy Front Office The Grid had 80 members in their inaugural season and plan on having a membership system with their  The Oklahoma City Energy Front Office The Grid season ticket this season. Hoping for many more than the average 150 attendance that sat with them last season.

 The Oklahoma City Energy Front Office The Grid did have a scarf for sale. It has a mantra of one voice. Seems apt for  The Oklahoma City Energy Front Office The Grid to only have one voice which is coincidentally the same as what the  The Oklahoma Energy Front Office want you to hear. It’s only a coincidence because  The Oklahoma City Energy Front Office The Grid are independent and are in no way associated with the club.

Scarves are apparently “lightweight” which is ironic in a state with 3% beer……. Don’t worry lads, we’ll bring you some from Missouri, and not that Budweiser shite we currently sell you. We’ll call our trip “The trail of Beers……”

too soon?

They have the biggest Jimmy in the world apparently…….. I daresay they do.

Well that’s it for todays introduction to  The Oklahoma City Energy Front Office The Grid supporters group. Join me next week when I find out what the fuck a Roustabout is.

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This post. 5 minutes to read. A life time to proof read.

I’d love to know where you get your information. I’m not quite sure that you’ve ever met anyone associated with The Grid, let alone talked with one. I for one would love to know what it means to be front office ran! What exactly does the front office do for a supporters group they run? How do they run it? Do they make any or all of the decisions? Who’s really in charge of the group? I’ve heard people claim that The Grid was run by the front office, yet haven’t met anyone with any kind of facts that support it…maybe you could shed some light??

We’re you allowed to post that yourself or did you need permission first?

were*. Fucking retards.

You know, instead of commenting here, go ask the club if they’ll let you write a rebuttal and see if they’ll allow it posted on the website……

Way to ignore every fucking question in my previous comment. Then again, I already knew you would. You don’t have any idea what the hell your “writing” about. You just worry about staying safe on the streets there while we continue to show you how real supporters groups handle business. The more we hear “they’re front office ran”, the better it makes me feel knowing I helped start this from scratch with money from my own pocket! That means we succeeded on our end making other groups keep our names constantly coming from their mouths. We know who we are. We know where we originated. One Voice, One City motherfucker….I would tell you not to forget it, but I already know you won’t.

1) You don’t get to pick your rivals you dumb cunt. Rivalries take years to develop and they happen naturally.
2) Rivalries in American sports are traditionally drawn from divisional or conference opponents. If you aren’t in a teams division or conference then you can’t be rivals. Then exception being the NY Yankees and the former Brooklyn now LA Dodgers, but that only happened during the Workd Series. So again you’ve proven yourself a dumb cunt.
3) You obviously have no clue what hooligans and hooliganism almost did to the sort of football in Britain. If you did you would have worked it into the name of your supporters group. There is nothing “cute ” or “funny” about hooligans or hooliganism. They are violent thugs and there aren’t something you want associated with your supporters group. You’d know this if you weren’t a dumb cunt


Someone who could give two fucks about either of your football teams

Guys, do you think you might be taking a joking post a bit too seriously? It was meant in fun with no malice. We are here to have a good time and I assume you are too. When we make the trip to OKC I hope to have a beer with you all and when you come to St. Louis I hope you’ll join us at our tailgate. We can be opponents for 90 minutes and still have some fun together before & after the games. If you don’t want the banter that’s cool, we’ll knock it off. We honestly didn’t think you’d get so mad. And don’t worry, our stadium is in a safe part of town so leave the guns at home. We’re a peaceful, silly group of soccer fans. But we do talk a lot of shit.

Van and Joe,
You’d do yourself a favor by not getting so uptight about a piece of satire. It’s called banter and everyone was trying to have a laugh, but that must be lost on you.
Also, you’d pack more of a punch if you didn’t use the words ‘motherfucker’ and as a female the word ‘cunt’ makes my skin crawl. You proved how vulgar you can be by responding like lunatics to something that was just a joke.


Kyle A. Scarborough

*ahem*, uh, Joe?

It’s “you’re”.

Retards who live in glass houses shouldn’t retard the first ‘tard.

First off, autocorrect on the your/you’re situation, however…fair. Although to still be fair…I didn’t throw that stone 🙂

As for the sensitivity, I’m pretty thick skinned from years of military service. What bothers me however is the notion that this is front office ran/funded/whatever else you want to call it. Fact is I, along with 6 other guys started this group from the ground up. Our hard work, time, and money went into trying to make this a success. I’m all for banter about how we’re ignorant rednecks, the trail of beers comment was pretty funny IMO, 3% beer…etc. But for someone else to get credit for my hard work, dedication, and success as well as the 6 others…is something that doesn’t sit right with me.

Wow, it’s way too easy to get these guys wound up. At least Louisville “gets it”.

Easy to have a laugh that isn’t directed at you, isn’t it? By the way, if the language is too much for you, darling, I suggest you sit at the kiddies table. Either that or just grow up. I’ll leave it up to you, sweet cakes.

Just as easy as it is to recognize satire for what it is, pal. People have taken their fair share of shots at us and we take them in stride. It’s not hard. As far as the language is concerned. It’s entirely possible to put together an intelligent rebuttal without using that language I promise. But since we’re all supposedly adults here, head your own advice and grow up, buddy.

P.S. The kiddies table has more fun than the adults table anyway.

Wow, going for the sexist angle now, too? Classy. But I’m not gonna defend Andi (as much as I’m tempted to), because I know she’s more than capable of standing up for herself.

But for the record, if you think we can’t or don’t laugh at ourselves, you couldn’t be more wrong. Look up the last article the Coopers fro Louisville wrote about their Eastern conference opponents. They were brutal towards us, and yet we all thought it was hilarious because it was a well – crafted response to an article that Matt here had written about them earlier. (And if you look up that article, you’ll realize that you guys got off easy…He really went to town on them!)

If you two are really representative of how thin-skinned your supporters are, then I honestly feel bad for you. I thought only Cubs fans were that touchy.

Kyle A. Scarborough

So much sand.
So many vaginas.

Well that is super cute. You think that by calling me darling and sweet cakes you can somehow make my opinion less important in this stupid conversation, well it doesn’t. I’ve paid my dues just the everyone else. That being said the language doesn’t offend me as much that fact that it is clear that no one can banter in your group. Here is a fun little story. I am an Arsenal fan and my friends are United fans. Now I’ve been an Arsenal fan for a long time; 14 years to be exact. They mean a lot to me. When we play against each other we both give each other a ton of crap back and forth. We all take it and laugh and then buy beers for one another and pat each other on the back at the end of the match. We don’t take what each other says seriously and you know what neither should you. What makes you guys above satire and not us?

One last point…I’m really ok sitting at the kids table just not when you suggest I go there. 🙂

“1) You don’t get to pick your rivals you dumb c___. Rivalries take years to develop and they happen naturally.”

And I’m guessing,they want nothing more then for their team to beat STL now, just to try and shut us up.
…that’s not a feeling that would be invoked from a rivalry at all.

Maybe they aren’t run my the front office. Maybe they are just so impressionable, the front office can get them to do what they want.


I’ve never seen someone get so butthurt about something that is NOT front office run and that they created. In all of my experiences, people that adamant are usually hiding something really big. I know OKC has been lacking any legitimate sport in their city, state, union, whatever the confederation calls that area now so let us catch them up on rivalries. They don’t take years to generate. Van, if it did take years to generate, no club would give 2 fucks about OKC because who cares about a club that will fold and move in a few years? On the Hooligan comment, yea, us St. Louisians are real dangerous. We are real violent for sure. I’m sure if you saw our group, the first words that come out of your mouth would be “hooligans” as we are a very violent crew. It will be nice to have a short lived rivalry with The Grid until they fall off.

So you’re saying you’ve never seen someone upset for not getting credit for something they’ve accomplished?? If that’s the case, People must love to work with you!! They just let you do all the work while they sit back and take the credit!

Joe, what part of “this was a joke, this wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously, we were just having a laugh” do you not quite understand?

Joe, a true leader is result driven, not pride hungry. You know what we call people like you? Glory Chasers. If the job gets done, your hard work will show through, even if someone tries to take credit for it. Just like if some Execs put a group together and let other people take credit for it. You think the Execs care? Na man, they will let you Glory Chasers take all the credit. And Joe, congrats on putting together some cash for the cause too. We all know how tough times were way back when Oklahoma City found out what soccer was in 2014. Keep it going, maybe you’ll make it 2 years! The funny thing is St. Louis FC hasn’t played 1 game and you are on here trying to defend your group. If you get riled up this easily, can’t wait for you guys to come up to St. Louis.

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