Let’s all have a party

How much fun was that?

I know we all have that 1% of fans who are tools. Goodness knows I’ve had my moments. But a massive thanks to the Cauldron for inviting us to party with them before the game. It can’t be easy to be swamped with fans already to having another two buses show up. I joined their tailgate and gave my donation, I quipped “Hey I just paid yet the keg has run dry” I meant it tongue in cheek to be honest, yet a minute later a gentleman in a KC shirt sought me out and asked if I was ok and needed a drink.

That’s great, and that’s the unseen work that goes on within supporters group week in week out that never gets the plaudits.

So anyway, yeah, the 1%ers who are idiots. Sorry, but if you can sit there after the event and pretend the Louligans (and Saint Louis fans who are not Louligans) didn’t bring the noise on Tuesday night then honestly I cannot help you.

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Thanks for watching from home, you superfan you……


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You know how I know it’s bullshit? because the US mens international goalscorer of yours tried to shush the fans of a third division team for a 1-0 win at home.


Thankfully, to counter the idiots. There were many compliments on what we did, and rightly so, and fair play to them for doing so. If we hosted another group of fans who brought some fun then I’d like to think we’d give them the kudos they deserve .download (20)IMG_1861


Kory Buys and West Stand attendee, you’re a star.


However seriously, We had a blast. And hope the Sporting KC fans did too. I accept this was our cup final to a degree and we obviously don’t do this every day.

Lot’s of talk on how we should do this more often. Not friendlies….. The big deal about Tuesday was there was something at stake. It was a competitive game and was treated as such.

Back to reality now. The Switchbacks are no joke. They’ll enjoy playing on a pitch that isn’t like no mans land in the first world war. They’re going to give us a game. Back to the grind lads and lasses. See you at the Park.



Video by Jason Patrylo, I don’t know who took the feature picture, kudos to whom did, it is excellent.

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I could hear you guys on the Youtube broadcast. I thought you guys represented the fans well, as always, and showed how passionate we are about our team. P.S. Excellent use of Bullshit Man in your post!

Skc fan here! Season ticket holder since arrowhead. I just wanted to chime in and set the record straight. I sit right on the midfield line, 5 rows off the grass. I don’t miss a game if possible. I get to hear the Cauldron in my right ear and the south stand + visitor group in my left. You guys not only out cheered our south stand, you shut them down. I absolutely hate it when a group comes in and gets in my ear; makes my blood boil. I could hear that incessant drumming while I drank, cheered and even when I was ordering another! :). Out of fairness to the south stand, Im not confident they had their usual suspects in the stand- open cup game. But really… It matters not. You got my blood stirring and that only makes the games even better. Great game and speaking for many on the midfield line…. We definitely heard your drums and took notice. I was not happy.
Well done!

thanks for your comments guys, as I said. It was our cup final so we made the most of it. We had a great time.

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