Wearing Thin.


Just as pro second amendment advocates argue that the time to discuss gun control isn’t right after a mass shooting, I suspect that writing an article to vent my spleen after home thrashing isn’t the best idea. My general feelings of frustration and annoyance will flow through to the extent that any coherent points I make will be lost in the vitriol that will brim to the surface.

The very fact of the matter still prevails is that this isn’t right after a bad home loss. This is after 3.

I don’t know what really goes on behind the scenes, or in training, or away from WWT park. I’m essentially just a fan who sees what he sees on the field from the players.

And what I see is unacceptable.

I honestly thought the Toronto 2 game was the bottom of the barrel, but was able to accept a home loss as a “these things happen” kind of shrug.

I was able to accept draws as hard fought comebacks. The fans were able to keep chanting on the premise that the players were working hard to try and get back into a game.

I was able to accept close defeats. The fans were able to keep chanting on the premise that there was always a chance of getting something from the game.

What I cannot accept is being hammered at home, twice. It’s hard for us to stay enthused when we see nothing to be enthused about. It is of great concern that the best part of a combined 10,000 fans came out to the past two home games only to leave with 5 minutes to go having conceded seven goals. The hardcore fans will always be there. However the casual suburban family of four will and should expect more for their entertainment dollar.

What the hardcore fans do not tolerate is when you’re seen dancing with girls at the Wheelhouse until 1am before the game only to be on the receiving end of a 4-1 drubbing less than 24 hours later. You’re a professional footballer. Get a grip of yourself. This isn’t Hollywood or Chicago. This is Saint Louis, the biggest village in the USA and you will be spotted. If you’re just here for a paycheck and pussy then GTFO.

What the hardcore fans will not tolerate is especially after a heinous spell with injuries, is rumors from the training ground of Charles Renken getting kicked in the ribs by his fellow teammate and having to be separated by Mark Pais. You’re a professional footballer. Get a grip of yourself. If you’ve become a cancer in the dressing room then GTFO.

All the meetings about having passion, determination, heart and a desire to win are great. Frankly from my point of view, I would also like to see a meeting where you discuss not giving the ball away, making passes to guys in the same color shirts as yourselves, winning the ball in midfield and maybe taking a shot or two.

Aside a penalty and Ambo’s shot that hit the post last night we offered nothing.

You’re professional footballers. You’ve won one game at home. Fix this.

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Hard to argue against, especially the partying bit. Spare a moment to mourn the “if we win, we win, if we lose, we lose” platform espoused on the most recent This is Silly, it was a noble if ill-fated attempt.

Yeah, we can be all pragmatic and say, “If we win we win and if we lose we lose” as much as we want, but come gameday and we keep seeing these performances, it’s hard not to get bent out of shape.

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