Don’t Mistake Passion for Hatred

There’s been a lot of discussion this past week about how passionate the Louligans are about STLFC.  The moving to the Western Conference brought out that passion, drawing attention from other supporters about how much we care about this team.  Emily Doke adds her thoughts on our devotion, reiterating that we may say we “hate” how things go but that’s not really the right word to describe our emotions.

I woke up the day after my team drew a sad last game of the 2017 season regretting saying that I hated this team. It was the morning after their last game, and I had spent the night remembering all of the good times I had this season. This team has, in a nutshell, saved my life. I honestly can’t think of where I would be if I did not have them. No matter what season, what players we had, what the scores were, and even if we make playoffs or not, I will be a fan of this team. It sometimes sucks being a fan, and watching players grow and watching the changes throughout the years. But I stay standing at the games, and supporting my team because of the love I have for the sport, the team, and the fanbase. For MY team.

I cannot relate when people talk bad about this team. Sure, I said I hated them, but it was a lie. In reality, I hate the way the way the team is talked about when they do not produce the

wins that the fans wanted. I hated the team because they played the way they did, and how they caused people to leave the fanbase, NOT because they disappointed me, but how they disappointed others. To me, and few others, it is about having fun and making memories, not about having bragging rights.

The team has faced the comments, and endless insults, but continue to do what they loved. Which Includes meeting the fans that go to them for happiness, that look up to them as players, as people. Playing their hearts out on the field, and making memories with their friends. I go to games to support the team and the players that want to move on to the MLS, that have dreams. I did not attend the first ever STLFC game expecting a win, or for them to blow other teams out of the water, I attended that game fully to support the players, the fanbase of St. Louis soccer, and the sport itself. The endless tears, sweat, and rain I have taken home from the games at Soccer Park have given me more memories than I would have if I was not part of this fanbase.

I have gone on to too many away games for this club without bringing home a win. I make too many memories on road trips, and at home games, for a loss to bring me down. I’m only going to recap a few of my favorite moments; there were too many made in these four seasons to list them all.

Bus Two was an experience I will not forget no matter how many times I say it was a dreadful wait for the fourth bus. Traveling to KC with the hundreds of Louligans during the Open Cup was meaningful to me, for it being the first trip I took for the team, with the team, if you might add. The trip to the Swope Park game when it poured down rain before halftime delaying the game was one of my favorites. Going to Louisville the year before Bus 2 was more fun than it should’ve been. I even loved the Flood vs Fire game at home. I enjoyed them all. Whether or not they snatched a win, I knew I would get to be back out at Soccer Park chanting my heart out the next week, showing my love and support for this team.

You see, it isn’t all about how well the team plays, or standings, or even records, it is about the memories I make with the people that stand next to me during a game where we are

losing 4-1 at home. Be careful when you say that you hate this team, because you might not actually mean it.

-Emily Doke

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