Gameday #1: Away at Rio Grande Valley FC


Start time: 7:30 PM CT

Watch Party at Kirkwood Station Brewing

Opponent’s Record: 0-0-0 (First game, duh.)

About our Opponent:

Matt Bird gives us the lowdown on our opening opponent:

Honestly, I pay little attention to the goings on at the MLS2 / Hybrid clubs. Having been in the eastern conference last year, and only having played RGV once the year before, I can honestly say I’ve not watched an RGV game in about 18 months. Why would I? We all know they are linked to the Houston Dynamo, so linked they embraced many facets of the club including playing in their famous orange in front of 7000 empty seats just like their parent club. STL native Justin Bilyeu played for them last year for a bit, and they had a bloke with the last name of Bird. I do remember that RGV were at the receiving end of the best goal I’ve ever seen live: Jordan Roberts won the ball by the byline, passed back to Richard Dixon who squared it to Irvin Herrera. He then took a touch and curled a peach of a shot from outside the area off the post. Good times! Wouldn’t mind another memory like that.


Louligan Cartels:

Newligans: If you’re new and this is your first watch party, say hi! There will be several of our Newligan Cartel wearing badges showing their name on it.  Feel free to grab one of them and introduce yourself; they’re wearing that badge as a way to indicate they’re there to help you join the crowd.

Merchandise: We will have the 2018 Louligan scarves and the 2018 This Is Silly! Podcast scarves.  if you pre-ordered one, you’ll be able to pick it up.  If you didn’t and you want to get one, we will have extras for sale.  $20 per scarf.

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