Kentaro Takada signs for Saint Louis FC

So, it’s official, we finally have players. One being NASL veteran Kentaro “Taka” Takada.

It’s easy to see why he’s such a good fit at St Louis. He is a natural leader, veteran. However playing with the younger kids with the Minnesota United reserves in 2014, it’s the mentoring and coaching abilities that Kentaro will bring to Soccer Park as well as his calming influence on the field. taka1

Taka moved to the United States in 2009 to play in the PDL with Rochester Thunder scoring one goal in 16 appearances. With the revamped NASL becoming the new “division 2” of US Soccer. Taka made his debut against AC St. Louis and scored the first goal in league history on April 9th 2011, he went on to make 79 appearances for Minnesota United.

Last year Kentaro played a lot in the Minnesota United reserve team, coaching and mentoring the next generation. He found playing for the NPSL side an enormous positive in staying on top of his game should a need to be called back upto NASL. “The NPSL is a good league with good energy and good players.  It is good for players that want to go pro,” stated Takada, “There were a lot of young players that I was able to help.  I was able to teach and lead them, sharing my experience.”

The St Louligans wholeheartedly welcome Kentaro into our fold, and look forward to our own version of Tiki Taka football.


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