Meet the New Boss…Anthony Pulis!


We get to sit down with Anthony Pulis, new manager of Saint Louis FC.

After talking with him, on and off mic, this is a top notch man.  Not only a relatable, personable person…but knows what’s in front of him, what the opportunity means, and what the city and fans are expecting.

The proof will be on the pitch, but his record as a player and two years with Orlando City B have shown that he knows what it takes to compete and build a competitive franchise.  It was hard to temper expectations, but I don’t think you’ll meet a coach that understands that better and is more prepared for the challenges ahead.  The word he kept coming back to was “accountability”: not just for the players but for himself as well.

We also sit down with Pat Barry, Jeremy Alumbaugh, and Tom Strunk to get their takes on the process and their expectations on the upcoming season.

Special thanks to Fred for saving my ass with an adapter to make this happen.  Man among boys, that one is.


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