Beware the Chupacabra

We’ve picked up a lot of new followers and likes lately and some of you have asked or may be wondering, why some of us refer to Saint Louis FC as the Chupacabras? or why there’s a Chupacabra on some of our T-shirts and the new scarf? So here it is:

The Chupacabra joke. Mitch, Matt & Brad came up with the name on the “This is SiLLy!” podcast some time in 2013 when the rumors started getting serious about us getting a USL PRO team.  We’d been through this before only to come up short.  These rumors were believable, but we really did think that Pro Soccer in St. Louis was like mythical beast that you catch a glimpse of, or someone else claims to know all about, but you never get any actual proof.  Kinda like a Chupacabra or Bigfoot.  We decided that the perfect team name would be the Chupacabras.  From then on, everytime we heard a rumor or talked to someone about the progress of the team acquisition we called it a Chupacabra sighting.  We would post a picture or mention Chupacabras on facebook or twitter whenever we got some good “news”.  Chupacabras just became the code word for a USL-Pro team.  When talking about it in groups or get togethers it just became an easy way to say- the USL Pro team that St. Louis might get.  So that’s why we call the team the Chupacabras.  We did tell the new GM Jeremy Alumbaugh at our very first meeting that he had our permission to use it for the official team name if they wanted.  He politely declined, but we know deep down inside he really thought it was brilliant.  To a lot of us they will always be the Chupacabras.

Since Saint Louis FC doesn’t have a built in mascot or nickname (which is good), it’s still fun to call them the Chupacabras.  Also its a nod to the fact that we knew it was coming and never gave up hope.  I hope it continues. We’ll continue to use it for those that were around just hoping and praying for the return of outdoor PRO soccer to St. Louis.  Feel free to join in the joke even if you’re new to the Louligans. Or feel free to think it’s silly.

Long live the Chupacabras.



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