What’s up with www.SaintLouligans.com?

So, why are we here? Basically we want to be a hub for all the fans of AC St. Louis. A place to check in and find out what’s happening with the fans of the club. There are other sites around the net and facebook pages where you can find all sorts of club news. We want to focus more on the supporters. Not only the organized supporters groups, but any fans of the club no matter which side of the pitch they sit on.

Ideally we hope to report or pass on any information from any group or individual that has something to say. I hope to get the chants and songs up for newbies to check out and be able join in the fun. If you’re looking to join a group to join, then we hope you’ll be able to come here and find the information you need to pick the gang that you have the most in common with.

As we progress we’ll add videos and more photos, mostly from Section 20 since that’s where most of the action happens, but feel free to submit your own content at the “contact us” link. Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to submit those as well. We really want this site to be for all fans.

Another feature that we hope to get going is a “fan of the week”. We want to focus on some of the more colorful and influential fans you’ll see at Soccer Park so you can get to know the cast of characters that make going to the games so much fun.

So that’s it. Hang in with us as we grow and evolve. We continue to profess the truth that soccer is the beautiful game and we are: many individuals, many groups, one banner, one team. AC St. Louis. Long live the St. Louligans. See you at Soccer Park.


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