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2023 will be here soon so the time to start preparing is now. While the kickoff of the St. Louis CITY SC first team is obviously something we’re all looking forward to, between now and then there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and have some fun. In a way, we’ve been hosting “Meet the Louligan” events for 11 years. Sometimes there were 10 of us and sometimes there were 1000, but where we go from here is up to you. We’ve built a decent reputation across the country among Supporters Groups and we’ve raised over $200,000 for charity. It’s not easy, but we’ve built a family. There are 3000+ safe standing spots in the North End of the new stadium being built for St. Louis CITY SC and, Louligan or not, if you plan on standing there we need to get along and work together to make the party happen. I’m sure there will be new supporter groups starting up to take their place in the Supporter Section, but the reason to get to know us is that (at least on day one) we’ll be the biggest and longest serving group for CITY.

As we’ve said though, we don’t plan on sitting on our hands until 2023. There are plenty of events to help you get involved before the first team takes the pitch. CITY’s Academy teams have already started playing games in the MLSNEXT league and we’ve had some fun supporting the boys out at Creve Coeur Park Soccer Complex for their home matches. Check the CITY app or their website for a schedule or just watch social media to see when the next games are & come out to see the future of the team. In 2022 the new MLS reserve league starts up (division 3 of the US soccer pyramid) and we’ll be there. These games will be invaluable for getting to know your fellow supporters and just fun in general and they will also be important for new fans to learn how we do things and to iron out wrinkles in the process. New groups have a lot of work to do starting from scratch. We’re gonna hit the ground running to make sure the CITY stadium is rocking from the jump. Part of being in a Supporter Group is forming bonds with like minded people. Unlike going to a Cardinals or Blues game where you may go with a few friends or run into someone you know on the concourse- at Soccer Games you’ll show up to a huge group of people you know and enjoy watching the game with. Rolling up to a tailgate you’ll have friends waiting for you to have a few pregame beverages getting ready for the day. Everyone in the Supporter Section is as invested as you are in the team and the celebrations with friends and strangers alike are a little bit more special than your typical sporting event. We’re in this together.

Apart from the Academy and Reserve matches we’ll also be hosting several “Meet the Louligan” events where you can just come out and meet other fans. Obviously in a group as large as our there are lots of different kinds of people. Some you’ll get along with better than others. These events are designed for you to get to know the group and find your people. The ones you’ll want to stand next to in the North End and join up with at the tailgate parties. These events are also an ideal time to get to know how the Louligans work. It takes a lot of effort to make game days successful parties. Tailgate food/drink service, merch sales, charity fundraisers, drums, chants, smoke, cleanup, etc. All these things happen behind the scenes and if done right, the people who show up for the party never notice. Maybe you want to be involved in these things. Coming out to our Meet the Louligan events is the easiest way to start. Most events are low key and smallish. It’s much less intimidating than showing up on a full gameday where people are busy working and may not have time to talk. Or you can just come out and have a drink and get to know some people that love soccer as much as you do.

We have a few of those events coming up and I’d like to officially invite you all out. Saturday October 16th at 9am we’ll be joining the Thieves (a service group offshoot of the Louligans) at Schlafly Tap Room to pack bags and hand them out to unhoused people in St. Louis. That evening at 6pm we’re gathering at 2nd Shift Brewing for a Halloween party. October 23rd we’ll be out at Marquette Park doing a clean up event around the new Futsal Court that CITY helped build to get more kids involved in soccer. There are also Academy games both weekends that you can attend. So as you can see, even though St. Louis CITY SC doesn’t start until 2023, there’s plenty to do. Don’t wait. (And if you’re starting a new SG, it’s time to start.) We have three official rules: Show Up. Make Noise. Have Fun. And one general principle: Be a decent Human Being. We hope to see you soon at an upcoming event. We would love if you decide to be #OneOfUs.


If you want to know more, or do a little more lurking online before coming out and meeting us in person, make sure you’re following us and all our friends on Social Media. You’ll find the St. Louligans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also follow the Louligan Ladies, SiLLy Tailgate & The Thieves on Twitter. In addition we have 2 member hosted podcasts that keep you up to date with everything we’re doing and they can be found wherever you download podcasts and on our website. Follow This is SiLLY! & Show Up Make Noise on Twitter and watch for new episodes.

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