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“The support shown by St. Louligans on Saturday was outstanding once again.  Some people might be surprised by such a strong supporter presence at a preseason friendly, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from the Louligans.” ~ Tom Rodgers, Communications, Saint Louis FC

Seriously, how great was Saturday? The result wasn’t obviously, but everything else was top class. We dominated the game, battered them, but 2 counter attacks and boom, we were sucker punched.

I don’t want this article to be about the game. We’ve a bunch of time to get our scoring boots on and get our revenge on Tulsa. They can win this, we’ll take the three points in April, deal?

This is about us, the fans. that since April waited for that night. This was about us showing the front office, the VIP seats, the radio audience, the city of St Louis that we are back, and we will not go quietly into the night. They were awed were they not? We brought it did we not?


I didn’t see the march into the stadium obviously, but the coach Dale Schilly did…… “Well first off it disrupted the warm up, when we saw everyone walking in.” Dale said to me after the game “For everyone who got here late, you missed a spectacle. It really raises the hairs on the back of your neck”

It didn’t just stop there. The players, they blew up twitter

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The term “we” is used a lot. the collective when talking about sports “I’d love it if we won the Stanley Cup” or “I hope we stay in St Louis”

The collective “we” sounds right in so much more than this sense for us. We are a part of this team and it is appreciated. This was reiterated when Jeremie Lynch came over to us high fiveing and giving Sarah and Andi hugs after the game. This is exactly what this league is about. It is exactly what we are about.

It isn’t often the owner and CFO of the team come out to the parking lot to hang out before a game and I certainly hope it won’t be the last. (maybe celebrating our USOpen cup win against an MLS team this summer?)




I know this was the busiest day the front office had since the team was announced. They certainly did a great job making sure we and the rest of the fans had a top notch time. Sometimes we don’t let them know or don’t understand how hard putting together an event of this magnitude is. However it went flawlessly. Gigi, Cory, PK, Tom, Jeremy, Kevin, Grant, Andy… seriously. Thanks.

Only got through a fraction of our fan emails for the night but wanted to send a quick kudos. Your march, chants and general atmosphere as usual was praised by a handful of fans who had never experienced a soccer game before. They [and WE] thought it was cool to say the least.” ~ Gigi Paletta, Sales Director, Saint Louis FC.

This was just a preseason game…… This wasn’t full, this was just us having fun. How good will it be when it matters, when we score, when we win, when we grab all three points……..

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Once again, a fine job!

Awesome! So excited for the 28th. Does Sam not realize we’re coming? NOBODY TELL HIM! Let’s make it a surprise.

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