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Keep The Faith


Goals will come. Wins will come

As a Manchester United fan I write this knowing full well that it is easy to be a fan of a team that wins more than its’ fair share. Most of you reading this will support a variance of Chelsea, Arsenal, Bayern, Barca, Real and <insert European powerhouse team> that is used to winning more regularly than not.

We’re actually in the minority. Most people support teams who don’t win. Who aren’t in the EPL or La Liga. Most people support their local club, and they’ll support them through thick and thin, win lose or draw.

That’s us. This is what we do. This is what defines a soccer fan.

I know I am preaching to the converted, this isn’t really news. However we all had secret ambitions of being the next Sacramento Republic and running the table this year. We all had dreams of being 4 and 0 after our first month in the season. BANG. Reality has hit us in the face. The Rochester game slapped us across the face with a big fat “Welcome to USL” stamped all over it. Rochester are one of the best teams in the Eastern conference. It showed, it also showed we’re not where we need to be.

Nobody is going to sugarcoat it. Our midfield was dominated by the Rhinos and they cut off the supply to our two increasingly frustrated center forwards who spent more time arguing with their teammates than much else. The loss of Dixon was mitigated by the addition of Gasecki whom I was thrilled to take the field only for our anchor at the back Barklage to limp off with foot issues after a half hour. We all knew from then on it was an uphill battle. Volesky, Walls and the man mountain Obasi ran the show.

We only lost 1-0 and we could have, should have, snagged an equalizer. Although we wouldn’t have deserved it. Is it unfair to compare us to Rochester? A stalwart team in this league that has won US Open Cup in the past and appears to be everything we aspire to. Although we want to, we really shouldn’t compare ourselves to Rochester. Let’s compare ourselves to the other expansion teams. And yes, the unbeaten Louisville City included. They’re only 2 points ahead of us, and not playing that great themselves. “Long ball up to Fondy” isn’t working for them as he’s still failed to find the net and were a last minute fluke away from losing to the Riverhounds.

Tulsa only have one win, although a 4-3 win recently is bound to give them some confidence. Charlotte only have 1 point. The only MLS2 side to do better than us so far in the east is RBNY2 and that’s because their win involved shenanigans, and they’re only a point ahead of us.

So let’s calm ourselves.

We know we need a win. We know winning football will keep the punters coming back. We’re doing our bit. The league love us. The league can’t get enough of us. We’re gaining popularity and from what I’ve seen with some jealous Sacramento and Indy11 fans, we’re getting noticed around the leagues. It’s going ok.

Interviewing Dale after the game, he knows.

Jeremy knows.

I’d be more concerned if they didn’t care and were blasé about the situation. However I’m pretty sure that Dale will have the team training a little bit harder this week, while Jeremy gets on the phone looking for a loanee to replace Brandon for the foreseeable future.

The wins will come, keep the faith.

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100% agree Bird. Of course I’m also a fan of Crystal Palace, Lens, and Rangers. So (at least in recent years for Rangers) I’m used to just striving for mediocrity.

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