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IT’S UNOFFICIAL!!! Our section is SOLD OUT!!!


Check it out boys and girls. We’ve been warning you for a while now that tickets in the corner of Marshall Wireless Stadium at WWT Soccer Park were going to be hard to come by this summer.  Well, we were right.  Not only has section 8 sold out completely with Season Ticket holders (530 standing room only spots), but our overflow sections of friends in sections 9 & 10 (210 seats each) are  down to just single game tickets for most matches.  You cannot buy a season ticket in any of the three sections. Are you kidding me? No I am not. You will be able to buy some single game tickets in 9 & 10 depending on the date, but the tickets for 8 are gone, save a random ticket here or there. For some games (like the home opener) there are literally no tickets available anywhere in the corner. sellout How do we know this? Our very scientific method of people sending us messages via email, facebook and twitter- all saying “We tried to buy tickets in 8, 9 and/or 10 and the computer wouldn’t let me!”  This data was backed up by others calling the office and being told they’d have to pick a different section. We’ve also had members try to buy extra single-game tickets for the home opener on their account only to be told there were none available in 8, 9 or 10. Also we’ve been giving a countdown in 8 for months and we knew last week there were only 12 left.  We’re a victim of our own success.  As much as I want more people to join the party, we won’t have room for more at some games.   My advice to you is to buy single game tickets in 9 & 10 while you still can. Also, let’s annex 11! MANIFEST DESTINY. (Act fast, those were running low too.)  Make sure you buy early for games like Swope Park Rangers and Louisville City FC- those will sellout first. map As we did last season, we will gladly accept tickets that aren’t being used for games at the merch table at the tailgate party and try to find a home for them with people that show up hoping to buy a ticket. Just let us know via facebook or twitter or drop it off at the game. IF you bring a friend with you to the tailgate party, check with us before you buy. In all seriousness I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people that have joined us in our quest to: Be SiLLy, Show Up, Make Noise & Have Fun. We couldn’t have done this without you.  Also we need to thank all the ticket reps that help us out taking care of all the new people.  Thanks to: Cory Nava, Andrew Williams, Jeremy Cowen, Robert Greenlaw, Tyler Tetzlaff and most of all our main man PK- Pat Kelly.  We couldn’t do it without your help. Next tailgate sneak down for a beer on us.  

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