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While our focus for the last couple months has been on our declining play and our dwindling hopes of qualifying for the USL Playoffs (Hey, we’re still not mathematically eliminated!), there is another competition that we have a shot at winning in 2016.  Of course I’m talking about the Kings’ Cup. For those new to the group, The Kings’ Cup is a supporter created rivalry between the St. Louligans and The Coopers (one of Louisville City’s many supporter groups). This rivalry was created for and by the fans. It started out on twitter and the winner takes home a trophy.  Last season the Coopers won the cup after the season series ended up tied at 1 win each and 2 draws- Louisville won the tiebreaker on goal difference.  This season we’re up against it again. We only play twice in 2016, and Lou City FC won the first match 2-0. So if you’re good at math you see that we need to win the game on Saturday night by at least 3 goals to get the cup back. 


While this rivalry was created by the fans and not the front office, the team and management knows how important this is to us.  You can bet they’ll be out there fighting for us and trying to make sure the cup stays in St. Louis this year.  Another hat trick from Herrera would be nice and a clean sheet by Pais would also be appreciated. Let the players & team know how bad we want this by tweeting to them with hashtag #KingsCup.


It all comes down to Saturday night.  The last home game of the season against one of our biggest rivals. The Coopers and various other purple cosplayers will be coming in to town too, we’ll share a few beers before the game and then commence to hating them for 90 minutes plus stoppage time. Our tailgate will be turned up to 11. We’ll be raising money for #PizzaGate2. The Tailgate Posse is going to be frying turkeys in the lot ($5 donation to eat). We’ll have empty cups for anyone over 21 ($5 donation)- we’ll also have stuff to put in those cups. (That is NOT for sale. We DO NOT sell alcohol.) There will be a 2016 Louligan merchandise clearance sale with half the money going to our charity. We expect a higher than average level of siLLiness for this game and urge you to be prepared to sing, chant, laugh & perhaps wet yourself. Please get your tickets ASAP and bring a friend.  We will have a limited number of extra tickets at the Louligan Tailgate Merch table available for last minute tag alongs in exchange for a donation to charity- but plan ahead and buy early if you can. This game will sell out. 

Let’s Do This.

For those that are into Rules, here are the official rules of the King’s Cup:

The team with the most points from regular season matches between the two wins the Cup. Goal difference will serve as the first tiebreaker if the teams are tied on points, and away goals will be the second tiebreaker. If the teams are still tied after that, then the holder from the prior season keeps the Cup. 

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