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What is the Supporter Section?


(And do you want to buy tickets there?)

So we finally know the pricing for the Supporter Section season tickets at the new St. Louis City SC stadium. $391 ($23/game) for the 17 game regular season of MLS. All things considered that’s a pretty attractive price. Not the cheapest in the league, but definitely not the most expensive. Compared to other “Major” league sports, it’s doable for a lot of people. You don’t have to be rich to get in on the fun. Those of us who’ve been involved in soccer fandom in the States probably understand what we’re getting into when we buy tickets in the Supporter Section, but soccer newbies or those who’ve just seen the game on TV might have some questions. I hope to answer some of those questions in this article to make sure that if you’re buying season tickets for StL CITY you know what you’re getting into.

In the press release, CITY said: “anyone considering a spot in this section should be prepared to sing, chant, drum, wave banners and flags and go all out for the team”. Immediately we saw questions posted in comments on the announcement so I’m going to address some of them here. While the Supporter Section is typically the cheapest ticket to the game, it’s not right for everyone. Don’t buy here just because you want to save money- you might absolutely love the atmosphere, but if it’s a bad fit you’ll have a bad experience. Different strokes for different folks and all. Let’s break down some of the aspects of the section to help you make a decision.

Safe Standing-
Probably the number one question we saw was about standing. Yes, the 3000ish spots in this section are standing only. The supporter section stands for the entire game. Technically there are seats but they will be folded up and locked during soccer games. This provides a wider area for people to stand without getting tangled up in seats. It allows people to move freely and jump around a bit. There are rails in front of the rows with cup holders for your beverage and so you can have something to lean on. Think of it this way, when at a concert are you the kind of person that stands for the whole thing, or do you wish the people in front of you would sit down so you could see? If you like to stand and get into the show, that’s the supporter section. If you want to sit and relax and enjoy yourself, you want the General Reserved section. We understand both sides of this discussion and there is no wrong answer, but if you want or need to sit for even part of the game, the North End isn’t for you. It doesn’t make you less of a fan and it doesn’t mean you can’t be a Louligan, it just means you can’t (or don’t want to) stand for the whole game. Side note, we do know that there will be some ADA accommodations for people that can’t stand, but basically if you’re otherwise able bodied, this section is standing only.

General Admission-

We’ve seen people asking about the General Admission policy in the section. It’s true, we don’t have assigned spots in the wall. You can stand in a different area every game if you want. You can move about during a match to visit different friends. You can’t always stand in the same spot because if someone gets to your favorite spot before you, you’re out of luck. In practice people tend to gravitate toward a spot, but it’s not guaranteed. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. What happens in most supporter sections is that the main supporter groups march into the stadium at a set time every game and they fill in the section when they arrive. Usually some of the section is closed until that main group arrives so there’s enough room for them. Certain areas are reserved like the drummers area or Capo stands or spots for our own in section captains, but anything else is fair game. People are usually accommodating making room for friends. Some people love this. I like standing toward the back of the section, but sometimes I might want to scoot down to the front or move over to stand with a different group of friends for a bit. If you’re the type of person that wants to know where your spot is and can show up late and still be in your spot, this section isn’t for you. If you’re cool with just finding a spot in the crowd and aren’t too bothered if you’re not in your exact spot this is for you. It’s also great when a friend (or several friends) decides to tag along with you for a match. You don’t have to worry about getting a ticket next to you. If you have season tickets in the Supporter Section you can just get an extra Supporter Section ticket and stand together. It’s a lot easier than trying to find a ticket for a specific seat so you can be together.

Yes we have drummers and they bang those drums all game long. Some people don’t like that, but that’s the way it is. Now before you start worrying about this, it’s not everywhere and it’s not everyone. You don’t have to worry about random fans bringing in instruments and standing all over the section. The drummers are only those that are a part of an organized group and that the team has authorized to bring in drums. They have an assigned area and they work together so they’re all playing the same beat. These people dedicate a lot of time to get their beats dialed in. You can pick a spot away from the drums if they bother you, or you can get close if you really want to feel it. If you want to be a drummer, reach out and we’ll put you in touch with those guys. They’re always looking for people to get involved and help out. But don’t just show up to the game with a bass drum hoping to do your own thing. They won’t let you in with it.

Singing and Chanting-
It’s a part of the game. We have specific chants/songs (and we’re always adding more). The Capos help lead the chants and have stands in front of the section to help keep everyone together. Occasionally organic chants will erupt out of the crowd and some of those are the best- but by and large the Capos are there to keep everyone organized and on the same page. They have a feel for the game and work closely with the drummers to do songs to fit the moments of the match. You are under no obligation to sing or chant, but it’s amazing when the whole section joins in and builds a wall of noise. It’s even better when the rest of the stadium gets involved. The Supporter Section is there to make things loud. We hope everyone will participate in our section and it is infectious. If you don’t want to sing and chant and don’t want to be around other people screaming for 90 minutes, this probably isn’t the best fit for you., but if you want to get a little crazy- we’d love to have you.

Flags, Signs, Smoke & Obstructed Views- 

In the supporter section flags and signs are typical. People will be holding up banners or waving flags throughout the game. Do not ask an usher to tell them to stop. It’s just part of the deal. If you don’t want to have your view occasionally blocked by flags or banners you should just pick another section. People will try to be accommodating so you’re view is not completely blocked the entire game, but it is what it is. There are plenty of other sections if the flags are going to bother you.

After goals are scored designated supporter group members will also be setting off smoke bombs. If smoke bothers you or if you’re worried you’ll miss some action because a few minutes its gonna be hard to see because of the cloud, our section is not for you. Also, don’t bring your own smoke bombs- this is something that the team works out with supporter groups and there are specific guidelines for smoke. If you just pull one out of your pocket and let it rip you’ll probably be escorted out of the stadium. If you want to be a smoke handler, reach out to us and we’ll tell you what’s involved in that process.

Kids are 1000% welcome in the Supporter Section. BUT… we are not a baby sitting service. Do not drop your kids off in our section and then go sit in your seats. Kids love our section and for the most part everyone there keeps an eye out for them and makes sure they’re ok, but come experience it with your kids. They can run around a bit, but it’s your responsibility to watch them. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to scream and dance and have a good time doing all the things they aren’t allowed to do at home or at school. They may even learn some new words. (But no worse than they’ll hear at a Blues or Cards game.) But as a parent you must make the determination if it’s right for your kids. In a section of 3000 seats you can be as close or as far away from the center of the action as you want. Buyer beware and all.

This section is for EVERYONE! No one will be denied and we won’t allow any persecution of any group. I know this should go without saying but- NO RACISM, NO SEXISM, NO HOMOPHOBIA or any other sort of bad-ism. If you’re engaging in any of that, not only is this not your section- you should probably just stay home. This is not the “Louligan Section”, although that’s where most of us will stand. There aren’t 3000 Louligans and we definitely expect other groups to form and stand there too. But we can all work together and have a general purpose of supporting the team. This is not to say there won’t be different cliques or factions in the groups that populate the North End, but with 3000 spots we can spread out and not stand by people we don’t get along with. This is a section where everyone should feel safe and be able to find a home with their people. If you have an axe to grind with a group of people you don’t like- take it elsewhere. Any chant or song or behavior that is considered inappropriate by the team will be addressed and we’re all responsible for policing our own section to make sure stupid people don’t ruin it for the rest of us trying to have fun. You know what we mean.

Budget Questions-
We know a lot of you are trying to decide between the Supporter Section and General Reserved and part of that decision is based on cost. At this time we don’t know exactly how much the other sections are going to cost, but there will be a range of prices for General Reserved seats. I think a safe assumption is that they will be at least $10 more per game. There may be some cheaper and there will definitely be some that are more expensive depending on location, but plan on those season tickets being at least $550+/season just to be safe.

If you have any more specific questions you can send us a message or you can message Caleb Leon, Manager of Supporter Group Sales & Service for St. Louis CITY SC. He will be more than happy to help you make the best decision for you or answer any other questions you may have (about any section of the stadium or tickets in general). You can reach him at

At the end of the day there are 22,500 spots to fill in the new stadium and we want every one of them filled with people having a good time. Find the section that best suits your fandom and it’ll be better for everyone. SHOW UP. MAKE NOISE. HAVE FUN.

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I was just watching the first match against Austin and noticed some Stl supporters. I’m going to the match in Seattle and wondered if there would be a specific section where to sit.

Seattle typically puts away supporters in Section 203. I would imagine that’s where our allotment will be if we have any travelers.

Thank you for all this great information on the Supporters Section! I can’t wait to attend my first match!

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