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Bye Week

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No seriously. Bye…. Begone.

This is like an international break, just much much worse. I like the international breaks, when the USMNT played overseas it gave us a chance to go watch Dempsey, Howard, Holden, Bradley et al. A chance to see our players on home soil.

Even now, an international break offers something, you can still watch the occasional decent game.

I made the quip on Facebook that the majority of people in this group have waited patiently for professional football to return to Saint Louis for 5 years. Did what it took to get by. Supported the Piasa and Lions, spent silly money to go to cash grab friendlies. Driven many a mile to Sporting Park or <insert MLS stadium miles away>

Now we have a team. The win against Oklahoma was epic, We snagged the lead and never gave them a sniff of getting back into the game. Against a good team that recently beat a stacked Toronto FC team in preseason. A real momentum builder for the coming games ahead.

The trouble is, there are no games ahead. 14 days. wait, what kind of nonsense is this? Don’t you understand we’ve turned a corner? my keep the faith piece was bang on. Let’s get it on.

Alas no, we were left with the consolation of watching unbeaten Louisville City crash to a pretty surprising performance by Charlotte Independence. Those knobs in KY have lost their voice a bit, been a bit quieter….. I am surprised they didn’t draw 1-1, seems to be a bit of a specialty of theirs.

To be fair to USL, it’s a bonus of the league that we can actually follow it so closely. Aside the unbeaten Louisville City game, I watched Oklahoma City at Austin which was a great game, Orange County continuing to play well at Portland and Arizona United soiling themselves again.

Now, Arizona. Some good fans out there, vocal, have a presence on social media. Goyo and Kyle that we interact with on the facebook group and through Reckless challenge, I listen to the Clean Sheets podcast. I kind of envied them a bit. They seemed to be everything I wanted Saint Louis team and fans to be. Conscientious purveyors of the league enjoying being an independent team in a big market. Trouble is, the team stinks. You can dress it up however you want, but 3-0 down after 30 minutes at home to Colorado Springs is awful. Beyond awful. Colorado went down to 9 men for the last quarter of the game and still won.

Still it could be worse. We could be Wilmington fans. You just have to read this to see there is a rocky road ahead for them. In a eastern conference where the established teams are leading the pack, one established team is languishing looking forward to playing FC Montreal in order to get some points on the board.

And with that, I’ve just jinxed us. They’ll probably come here on Saturday and play like Brazil. However that’s ok, because at least we’ll be playing again.

So with that, begone bye week. Busy May ahead. Winnable games against Wilmington and Toronto at home, our first foray into Open Cup then the home and home with unbeaten Louisville City.

Let’s go.


Add note ~ Despite some unrest on the Twitters and Facebook, our trip to watch us at the Energy was fantastic. Thanks to all down there, Raley, Alex, Tyler and Jessica and whoever else made us feel so welcome. Really was appreciated and will be reciprocated.


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