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15 minutes with……. Mark Regester


At the beginning of the season I conducted a few interviews with some of our new players in an attempt to get to know them better. It kind of came to a close as I got an actual job that I had to go to in order to pay bills, and the team results took a bit of a slide.  I felt they had better things to concentrate on and didn’t want to talk to a fan badgering them about life, football and the state of the team.

That’s all changed now with the new signing this week of Mark Regester. I’ve known Mark since he made his rookie appearance in the tailgate in 2015 and now he has the chance to represent his team. Like Matt Hutch (played 1 won 1) be the positive influence on his teammates and lead us to victory over FC Cincinnati this weekend.

Born in Montrose Scotland, Mark came to Saint Louis via California in 2010, his family has been no strangers to the Louligan party and have been ever present since day 1. As a long time fan of the team, I asked Mark what his best memories are of supporting the club.

“My favorite game at the park still has to be our come-from-behind win over Charleston our first season. Other than that just the friends, our Louligan family that we’ve made over these three years. Getting to present Irvin Herrera with the Louligan Player of the Year award last year was awesome. And all the little things from Mitch’s idiotic giggle when we’re winning to Sarah’s chilling death-stare, to the Shooooooot Bhoys and their whole vibe. The collective joy and sorrow that comes with supporting this team, Just being able to hang out whole family doing something we all agree on and are all passionate about. All great memories.”

This isn’t the first time Mark has dressed for a game. During last years famous Full-Kit Wanker night, Mark turned up resplendent in the all red of Aberdeen. What’s the connection there?

“My family and I would go back to Scotland and visit family every now and then, I saw my first football game at Links Park in Montrose when I was very small. Most of my family there are Rangers supporters for some reason, though my granny was Dundee United. On a trip back as an adult we took a train just north to Aberdeen, I fell in love with the city and decided there and then that I was a Don.”



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