What Can You Get For $50?

How about Season Tickets to the Lions?


So we know we don’t have to get season tickets to AC St. Louis this year. That’s the bad news. The good news is we still have the St. Louis Lions in the USL-PDL to support. Well, what if I told you that a season ticket package for the Lions will only cost you $50? Because that’s what I’m telling you. A few of us went out and talked to the front office of the Lions and told them what we are all about and how we want to come out and bring a crazy fan atmosphere to the Tony Glavin Soccer Complex. They loved the idea and to make it an even more attractive prospect they’ve offered to give us our own little section for a special price. $50 will get you a season pass to sit in the supporter section and free parking for every home game.

Now, there is a catch… You have to make some noise. The Lions want us out there because they want to build a home field advantage and you can’t just sit on your hands in the St. Louligan section. So this offer is only for those that like to stand and sing and chant for 90 minutes. I expect people to make the Glavin Complex a place that other teams in our division talk about and dread coming to. So you’ve got to live up to that part of the bargain- that’s what we promised. Also, you’ll have to buy the new St. Louligan scarf to be eligible for the discounted price. I’m sure you were gonna buy it anyway so that shouldn’t be too much to ask. Basically you’re saving $35 off the normal $85 season ticket price, so buying a $15 scarf is like getting it for free. Hell, you could buy two scarves and still save $5. Anyway, as soon as we get your payment for a scarf via paypal we’ll forward your name to the ticket department at the Lions office and you’ll be on their list of individuals that qualify for the St. Louligan Package. One ticket per scarf. So if you need two tickets you’ll have to buy two scarves.


More about the Scarf. Above is a mock-up by Ruffneck. Ruffneck has made scarves for some of the biggest supporter groups in the U.S. and I’m happy that we’ll be working with them as well. If you want the scarf and to be eligible for the Louligan ticket package, make a PayPal payment of $15/each scarf to treasury@stlouligans.com . As soon as we get enough pre-orders we’ll get them ordered and we’ll have a special party at Tigin Irish Pub to hand them out. Most supporter groups charge a fee of some sort for membership. Let’s just say this scarf is your membership fee. If you don’t pre-order a scarf, we will have extras for sale at Lions games (in limited quantities) for $20 each.

Now, something else to consider. Since $50 is about 1/3 the cost of what we had to pay last year for season tickets to that other park, I encourage you to consider buying 2 tickets. That way you’ve always got an extra to bring a newbie to their first game. Remember, we want our section to grow and to be as loud as possible. Bringing people with you is the easiest way to do that. We’re also going to be giving away tickets on facebook, twitter and the podcast- if you’ve got an extra or two to donate to the cause it will be much appreciated.

Now, we don’t have the official schedule yet, but as soon as we do you’ll see it here and on the Chickenhead and Louligan facebook pages. We know we’re gonna have 10 home games, but something very exciting is the potential for road trips. Last season in the NASL our nearest rival was in Minnesota, but this season in the USL-PDL we’ve got away games in Kansas City, Springfield and Des Moines just to name a few. We definitely plan on organizing a few road trips. The players are really excited about this and want us to bring our A game. They are also looking for a little fire at home games to pay back some of the grief they get on the road. We’re counting on everybody to bring the noise home and away. I know there’s a US Open Cup game in Des Moines early in the season. I’m hoping that some of you will consider making the trek to show our boys we’re behind them 100%. Carpools will be worked out and info will be provided as soon as possible.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more info.

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