Prepare To Have Your Earholes Rocked!

Yes, earholes.

This is the first of many Louligan podcasts. Mitch, Steve, and Brad (aka Chickenhead) bring to you the State of the Louligans. We also discuss AC St. Louis, the St. Louis Lions, the Floodplain Footy blog, and Greg’s terrible dancing skills.
So download to your computer, your mobile device, or bootleg it with your Walkman, whatever it takes.
We’ll have many more to come, with guests ranging from other Louligans to St. Louis dignitaries. And by “dignitaries”, we don’t mean Kyle. He’s a part of the podcast already.
Oh, and much like the Louligans, there’s a lot of adult language. Please don’t play it around your kids. Unless your kid is in his 20’s and drinking with us.
We’re now on iTunes! Thanks to the minions of Mr. Jobs, you can download us for your Apple device, or if you use iTunes to manage your podcasts.
If you’re a Louligan, and using iTunes, rate us high so we can invade the earholes of other unsuspecting people of Earth.

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